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Cinnamon Powder

Sourced from Kashmir


Cinnamon powder, sourced from the bark of trees, is a versatile spice with a warm and sweet flavor. Its aromatic essence and potential health benefits have been revered since ancient times. This cherished ingredient elevates dishes worldwide, from desserts to savory creations, infusing them with depth and character. With cultural significance and uses in perfumery, cinnamon powder remains a timeless and essential element in culinary traditions and sensory experiences.


  • Organically Farmed
  • Lab Tested
  • FSSAI and FDA certified
  • Proper Hygiene Maintained

Cinnamon, extracted from the inner bark of trees, is an aromatic spice cherished for its captivating qualities. Its warm and slightly sweet flavor profile makes it a versatile ingredient in both culinary and beverage creations. With historical roots stretching back to ancient Egypt, cinnamon has been treasured for its aromatic essence and potential health benefits. This esteemed spice holds cultural significance in various traditions, symbolizing warmth and comfort. From delectable desserts to hearty stews, cinnamon enriches a multitude of dishes, while its essential oil is used in perfumery and aromatherapy. Its enduring popularity and multifaceted uses continue to make cinnamon a timeless and cherished component of global cuisines.

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